Online Bus Booking Software

eTraveledge will offer the complete Online Bus Booking Portal Software, which will have diverse functionalities like route creation, route allocation to different vendors and different buses, seat booking etc. One of the main modules here will be Seller Management System, using which the administrator can make several vendors who can create, add, update, delete their preferred Buses on different existing routes. The routes can be arranged both by the Bus Portal admin as well as the seller, depending upon the selection of the portal owner.

The Online Bus booking system comprises of an online bus booking software which is intended with the main purpose of generating an automated system for online ticketing buy, with the help of an online bus booking software which would be simple to use. An online bus booking software for your travel portal website would help in an easy running of reservation, ticket accessibility and record of the client who are using your online bus booking service. The modified features that a travel management company can add to a bus booking system includes route arrangement, display the information in regards to seats availability, accessibility of the seat map for the explorers and the option for the travelers to choose their seat from the seat map.

The benefits of implementing Bus booking software for your travel business are as follows:

Bus Routes
The Bus booking system assists in the easy arrangement of the bus route with the features like start route destination, stop route destination and end route destinations. It also helps in running the traveling time and bus schedules.

Bus Seat Booking
The users would be happier when they have the advantage to choose the set of their choice. The same thought has been implemented for their seat booking in the Bus. This option would have the accessibility of the seat map with the option of selecting the seat of their selection from the available seats.

Rates and Tickets
One of the aspects related to the online bus booking software is the bus ticketing system. The bus booking software facilitates the travel portal company with the opportunity of managing ticket rates, managing concession, generating ticket pattern with the assist of the editor available in the bus booking software.

Booking Reports
One of the most significant features of the bus booking software is the generation of the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly information. Some of the features of booking report are generation of time schedule and daily bus scheduling data, which assist the travel portal company to keep a record in their business.

Online Bus Booking Software provides ticket booking facility for the travelers, but there are other features also in the booking solution which make the whole arrangement of booking solution enticing and gorgeous. Some of its features are highly structured as follows:

  • The solution has a notification facility; it notifies the users about bookings and all through email or SMS.
  • Some banners are also designed for the solution.
  • Informs users about the cancellation of the journey or promotions and all.
  • Discounts can be provided to direct customers.
  • Manages all the daily service accounts.
  • Dynamic ticket pricing provides which increase or reduce the ticket pricing for any day.
  • Provides alerts to passengers for blocked and unblocked seats.
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