eTraveledge is the reputed and well developed Company, which offers online software solutions to travel operators, travel agencies, and travel companies. Domestic as well as international companies are on the run of getting their web portal development. We provide you a custom-made solution as far as features of Cab Booking Software are concerned. Cab Booking Software that we design and develop at our Company is a complete booking solution which provides online rental bookings through the web application of organizations which offers travel services to the users in all over the worldwide.

Online Cab Booking software Cab booking software has made life simpler for the Cab rental companies, through adding an advanced features like taking cab reservation, tracking of the vehicles and monitoring rate. Though these features were presented earlier, but with the completion of Cab booking software, these features have been consistent and any Cab rental company inappropriate of its size has the potential of controlling the Cab rental market. Every Cab booking company presents in the marketplace have implemented the Cab booking software to carry on the competitive market.

Easy Management of Booking and Quotation
Installation of the Cab booking software assists the Cab Rental Companies to handle the bookings, instantly after the customer query about the same through their portal or through the company's website. The Cab Rental Software assists in managing your travel business through a simplified process of efficient management of fleet efficiency. It also per the customer to know about the booking type along with adding the aspect of customer pleasure.

Cab Rental Software makes the process of reporting easy for the Cab rental company by providing options like daily reporting, monthly reporting and sales analysis.

Cab Control and Security
A Cab Booking Software helps in adding and changing features to the existing list, providing a better control and security to the Cab Rental Company.

Cost Saving
Installation of Cab Booking Software helps in saving cost by tracking the maintenance and saving time for the staff and the admin.

Customer service
Implementation of the Cab Booking software develops the Customer service offered by the Cab Rental Company. This is prepared through reducing over the counter time, simple online booking of the cab, checking the position of the Cab rental online and communicating with the customer through email or SMS.

Cab Booking Software has various eye catching features. You can obtain the following industrial features in the Cab Booking software development for rental cabs:

  • Online booking service with the notification of completed bookings through email.
  • Cab Booking cancellation feature.
  • A big fleet, including several models and categories of vehicles.
  • Site management facility for the authorized members.


Cab Booking Software is a complete solution and must for any travel application. Our company creates a Car Booking Software which offers the following advantages:

  • Special offers mentioned on the web application.
  • Policies and conditions for the services are already mentioned.
  • Advanced search criteria.
  • Additional services for users.
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